because Carrie has been super supportive in helping me reach 350 "Likes"on my Facebook Page... and because I know she's dying to see more pictures from her engagement session... here's another little teaser shot just for her & Steven =) and just a little reminder, once we reach 400 "Likes" on my page -- there's going to be a big giveaway... so please like HERE & "Suggest To Friends"... {thank you!} have an awesome weekend!!

I love this picture... it's just so peaceful & full of love...

About Me Updated...

Since I gave my blog a little facelift... I thought I would update the "About Me" portion from my blog and website... and why not share it with my readers and clients... I wrote a list of random facts that you may or may not have known -- about me... click HERE or click "About Me" on the menu bar...

Side note: I just want to give a shout out to my fans or "Likers" on my Facebook Page... I truly appreciate the love & support... at the moment we are up to 344 "Likes"(Yay!)... once we reach 400, I will be doing a big giveaway... so don't miss out... "Suggest to Friends" underneath the profile picture, and suggest my Facebook Page to all your friends... (As I said before: Thank you... and I Like You Too!!)

and what's a post without a picture? This image was taken at Sanibel Island on our weekend getaway after our wedding... our first vacation as Mr. & Mrs. Newcomer =)  have a great weekend!

Tyler {West Palm Beach Family & Child Photographer}

Tyler is my best friend Maggie's 7 year old son... he's handsome... smart... clever... energetic... and a whole lot of fun! They all came down from Michigan to visit us for a few days... Maggie & Edward went down to Miami overnight, and Dave and I got to babysit Tyler & Isaiah (our nephew)... and all I have to say about babysitting two boys (6&7 years old) for almost two days -- I was incredibly happy to see Maggie when they got back!!! It's true -- I missed her! Ok, ok... we were exhausted! Loved it -- but exhausted... but while Maggie was away... I wanted to surprise her with some pictures of her son... so here are pictures from our mini session with the boys... enjoy!


yup... he's a handsome little man...


and our nephew, Isaiah...

the boys...



love this one!

Hope you're having a good day!

sneak peek...

because I absolutely could not contain my excitement... here's a sneak peek from my engagement session yesterday with Carrie & Steven...

yes, we were up this early... but it was well worth it!


I love Carrie's radiant smile & the way Steven is admiring his future bride...

now you understand my excitement? stay tuned for their full preview next week =)
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DIY: Table Numbers

Week two of DIY Wednesday! I'm happy to share this sweet & simple idea for table numbers... photography, of course, is a huge deal in my book -- so what better way to display table numbers than with pictures of the bride and the groom? Aside from building a relationship with your wedding photographer (which is quite vital) during your engagement session... you can use the engagement pictures for your wedding...For ours, we used 10 different images taken from our engagement session...  made all of them black and white, then photoshopped numbers onto them... I made 5x7 prints of the images while my husband carefully placed each one into the frame... teamwork =)


I cut orange card stock (the size of the frame) to leave a tiny, orange frame around the image to accent the b/w...

you can use the same frames... or be a little whimsical & use a variety of frames...

our guests loved walking around to see the different pictures on each table...

here are two of my brides that used this idea & displayed engagement pictures that I captured of them... (their guests loved it too)

after all, the day is about you two... hope you enjoyed! (Next week DIY: Party Favors =)

tuesday teaser...

just had to share this... more this week =)


Baby Grey & Family {West Palm Beach Family & Child Photographer}

Last year while anticipating the arrival of their little guy, Tiffany and Chris had a peaceful maternity session by the water... when baby Grey was a couple of months old, Tiffany called me for some baby portraits... and now at 8 months old, we took some shots of the family... it's been such a pleasure getting to know this sweet little family... Tiffany and Chris are truly the kindest people you'll ever meet... and baby Grey, well -- he is just absolutely adorable... even though he's a serious baby with that serious look on his face, once you get him smiling and laughing -- it is priceless... here are some of my favorites from the session... click HERE if you missed baby Grey's solo =) happy Tuesday!


well hi there, cutie!



love the look on Grey's face =)




such a beautiful family!!

iheartfaces: "purple"

The theme this week at iheartfaces is simply -- the color purple {which happens to be my father-in-law's favorite color}... I automatically thought of a photo shoot I did last year with my friend Rachel... we found so many fun and colorful walls that day, and one of the walls that became our favorite backdrop was bright purple... so I knew I wanted to enter the image below... one of my favorites... and if my father-in-law is reading this post, this one's for you! enjoy the purple & happy monday!


to see more fun "purple" entries, click on the link below:

Bows & Ruffles...

One thing I'm in constant pursuit of -- is wedding attire... to shoot in, that is... Yes, it should be easy... black on black... at least, that's the "traditional" thing that photographers don... well, I get kind of bored with it... so today, my husband and I went out to seek something less traditional -- but still professional looking... and I'm so happy with a couple of my findings -- that I wanted to share it with you... I'd pair these tops with black slacks, maybe a black jacket or vest, and some comfy black shoes that I can wear for 8 hours during a wedding... aren't they adorable??



Hope you're having a delightful Sunday!

Giveaway at LuluLetty's =)

Like the images below? Well go to LuluLetty's Blog to see how you can win a free 11x14 print of your favorite image... who doesn't like free? =) happy Saturday!

black & whites

Baby Grey {West Palm Beach Family & Child Photographer}

you've met him HERE... and even in mama's belly HERE... well, here is another dose of sweet baby Grey, now 7 months old... and more adorable than ever... before they moved out of the state, Tiffany called me to do one last family session with them... it's always so nice to see how babies have grown, and even nicer to have gotten to know such a sweet family... here is part I... stay tuned for part II -- the family... enjoy... and have a lovely weekend!

PS: make sure to stop by Lululetty's blog tomorrow for a big announcement (from me) =)


so serious...
baby photographer

baby photographer

oh so cute...
baby photographer

baby photographer

there's a smile!
baby photographer

love this...
baby photographer

baby photographer

The Artist

Most of the people that read my blog know me in person... or at least have met me in person... so they have an idea of who I am... for new people who happen to stumble upon my blog, I figure I'd do a little introduction... of me... the artist behind the work...

Before I do that, for those who don't know how to pronounce my name  --- I just wanted to clarify... it's Jamilah, enunciated like vanilla (not Jameela like tequila)... which is what I tell people I first meet, and it seems to work... they remember =) Jamilah, like vanilla... maybe annoying -- but hey, it works!

As you know I specialize in wedding & portrait photography... this love of photography began my freshman year in college, when I took my first photography class (which wasn't my last)... I remember my first time in the dark room, grappling in complete darkness -- clumsily putting the film in the canister... a little claustrophobic at first, but I got used to it... I ended up taking three more  years of black and white photography, and was a few digital classes shy of getting an associates degree in photography... I think my four years of photography classes really helped to mold my craft... and today, when I'm not capturing people, I like to capture the beauty that surrounds me... and capture things that take my breath away...



aside from photography, I'm a lover of all artistic mediums... my creativity started brewing back in elementary school, when all I wanted to do was draw and write stories... aside from drawing, I'd make things... when I couldn't buy Barbie's van, I made one out of a shoe box! And my friends loved playing with it =)  I've dabbled into many things... sketching... scrapbooking (which I sadly don't have time for)... even painting... below is my first oil painting (painted four years ago)... of course, painted in my favorite color!


I even started knitting! Thanks to my mother-in-law, who taught me how to knit on a loom... the blue one is an incomplete baby blanket for my nephew... and the gray is an incomplete scarf... didn't I tell you I was a gemini? I specialize on leaving trails of unfinished projects =) (I'm working on it though!)

lastly, my other love... writing... I started writing poetry in middle school (maybe even fifth grade)... and began journaling in high school... collecting favorite quotes, writing down poetry, my personal journey in life, and any random thoughts...

this is where my style of {dot}{dot}{dot} came along... my poetic way of writing my trail of thoughts...

one of my favorite classes in college was my writing class... I loved my professor, because he really challenged me... and brought out the best in my writing...

well, that's all for now... I hope you enjoyed the read =) Happy Thursday!

DIY: Escort Cards

This time last year, I was busy planning my wedding and the million details that go along with planning the happiest day of your life... I signed myself up to all the wedding websites you could think of! The Knot's wedding check list was my best friend -- even though we'd get into many fights due to the never ending list that continued even after the wedding day! I also signed up for BridalTweet to get wedding ideas & just to see what was new in the wedding community... Wednesdays were deemed "Wedding Wednesdays" and people would tweet wedding pictures, flowers, and anything wedding related they wanted to share...

To join the "Wedding Wednesday" fun, I did a couple of DIY posts on wedding projects I made for my wedding... sadly, my Gemini trait got the best of me -- and it became another unfinished project... BUT, it's never too late -- right? So, I wanted to revive this idea and simply call it "DIY Wednesday" -- to not only share wedding ideas, but any DIY projects I happen to do at home...

Earlier, I shared my DIY wedding invitations HERE:

Wedding Details

Then my DIY unity candles HERE:

Wedding Details

Now, here's a look at one of my favorite wedding detail we made ourselves -- Mini Quote Book Escort Cards... which were inspired by Martha Stewart Wedding ideas... and thanks to my key wedding helper {dear family friend Charmaine}, we were able to personalize & assemble these adorable books with my favorite love quotes...

Wedding Details

I found a beautiful set of whimsical card stock paper {from Michaels} that had accents of our wedding color -- orange... so, it just had to be... I used this for all of our wedding details, which all came together perfectly...
Wedding Details

these were quite meaningful to me, because I'm a lover of quotes & have journals of such inspiring words...
Wedding Details

there were four different sets of quote books... and we made a little over a hundred...
Wedding Details

of course during assembly, it seemed too ambitious & quite overwhelming... but the end product was absolutely lovely...
Wedding Details

Wedding Details

I hope my future brides found this helpful =) Happy Wednesday!