sneak peek...

because I absolutely could not contain my excitement... here's a sneak peek from my engagement session yesterday with Carrie & Steven...

yes, we were up this early... but it was well worth it!


I love Carrie's radiant smile & the way Steven is admiring his future bride...

now you understand my excitement? stay tuned for their full preview next week =)
{and help Carrie & Steven win a $25 print credit by "Liking" my FaceBook Page}{thank you in advance... and I like you too!!}


Miki's scrapbook said...

Hi! Thank you so much for the comment! It'd be great if I could take photo booth style pics.

By the way, I love your pictures and the feeling they convey.

Nice song, too!



jamilah said...

Thanks so much Miki! That's very sweet of you! & you should totally do your photo booth =) and I'm kinda hooked on lykke li at the moment...xo