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As I thought of an entry for this week's photo challenge at "iheartfaces" for the "photojournalism" theme, I decided to post an image from the Michigan wedding that my husband and I shot this weekend... So, this post will be a two for one deal -- I get to enter a photo challenge and share a wedding teaser... ahhh... love efficiency =)

This image was taken at Nick & Donna's wedding ceremony... such a sweet moment... these are the moments I love LOVE to capture... the candid moments as the wedding day unfolds... the laughter... the tears... the tender smile between bride and groom... like this one... I don't need to narrate for you to understand this image... you can see it in Donna's eyes... in her dimples... and in Nick's smile... you can see it... and you can feel it... the Love...


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Off to Michigan!

If you know me... you know that I'm an organization freak... a to do list notebook carrier... a grocery list maker... a filing happy person...and I made this monster in me, because -- well, to be honest... deep down -- I'm a slob... if I let myself  go, the house would be a mess... laundry would eventually have to wash itself... and my day -- wouldn't be productive... my mind is cluttered with a million ideas running at once... and if I don't write it down -- I won't remember it... am I alone in this? I hope not...

This organization monster was born out of discipline... discipline and dedication to change bad habits... but no matter how many lists I make... how far in advance I plan travel... I always, Always pack my luggage last minute... always! Right now, I'm running on 4 1/2 hours of sleep... thanks to my to do list that I just had to complete, and thanks to my procrastination...

How I pack? Well, it doesn't help that I have to try on every outfit before it goes in the luggage... and make sure there's a back up outfit -- just in case I change my mind... there has to be multiple pairs of shoes -- for one outfit... you know... just in case! Although, I have gotten better in minimizing what I pack... the fact remains... I'm a procrastinator when it comes to packing...

This weekend we're off on a whirlwind weekend adventure to Michigan... I get to capture Donna & Nick's wedding, which I'm soo soo soo excited about being their wedding photographer! And the icing on the cake? I get to see my family! Even though it'll only be for a few hours on Sunday -- I'm gonna bask in the laughter, little hugs, and all the kisses I can get from my three nephews and niece...

So in spite of my packing habits... I still got the job done... and now I'm off to my Michigan adventure... and because a post isn't the same without a picture... here's 1/4th of the kids I get to delight in =) have a great weekend!

ps... a quick shout out & thanks to my brother in law, Scott, for taking us to the airport and for house sitting!

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Save the Date...

This weekend I helped my sister in law design her save the date via Photoshop [CS5]... because I had so much fun (the first hour at least --jk Lisa!) -- I thought I'd share a save the date idea for my future brides... this can be printed on a 7.5 x 6 photo paper inserted in an envelope or made into a postcard... I didn't want to spoil the surprise by using my sister in law's design; instead I came up with this design... using images from Nick & Donna's engagement pictures from last year... after all... their big day is in a few days... and I get to capture it... Yay!! Double "yay" because I get to see my family as well! Happy Wednesday!!


Brides, if you're interested in Save the Dates for your wedding -- please contact me HERE...

Lily + Ryan = Married | Palm Beach Wedding Photographer

Again, apologies for this delayed post... juggling 2 professions = hectic! Lucky for me, if you saw part 1-- then this adorable newly wed needs no introduction... although if you missed it, click HERE... their online gallery will be up this week (YAY!), so if you haven't signed their online guest book you can click HERE... then you'll be notified when the pictures are ready! Now... let's delay no longer... here's Mr. & Mrs. Loveland in their married glory... along with a quick slideshow of more of my favorite images from their special day... enjoy!



oh so lovely...

some beautiful details...



gorgeous bridal party...

and the gentlemen...

love this shot! scrolling through everyone's expression is hilarious!

first dance...

the look on her face is priceless...

so sweet...


mmm...cake time!

and they danced the night away...

yup! they know how to get down!

I'm pretty much the luckiest wedding photographer to have captured Lily & Ryan's wedding day...

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this week's them at iheartfaces is "got to wear shades"... so I thought I'd enter the image below... taken last year... and with this image... shades aren't merely for keeping the sun out of your eyes... it's to stay cool... oh so very cool ;-) happy monday!


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Lily + Ryan = Married | Palm Beach Wedding Photographer

Lily & Ryan... sweet... young... passionate... and passionately in love... that's how I would describe them... in fact, I told Lily's mom that those two were so passionate for each other... and she had to agree... during their engagement session... and capturing their wedding... all the shots of them together, you can visibly see their passion and love for one another... and I absolutely loved capturing the fire between them...

My husband and I had a blast capturing their beautiful wedding... starting at First Presbyterian Church for their lovely ceremony... then over to the Beach Club of Palm Beach for their gorgeous reception... the day was filled with joy... love... and passion... how lucky of us to be a part of it... and lucky of us to have been their wedding photographers =) here's part one of my favorite images... enjoy...

some pre-wedding shots...


beautiful... she's just absolutely beautiful...

some details...




what a handsome groom...


brace yourself... more of the gorgeous bride...

ok, that's just a killer smile...


I do time...




so sweet...


hope you enjoyed... come back for part II... happy Sunday!

Happy Saturday!

I blogged my heart out all summer & everyday for two weeks straight, then totally went off the grid cold turkey... and for that, I apologize... this is going to be the trend for awhile... from now on (until next June) I will only have time to blog twice [maybe three times] a week... for those who don't know, last Wednesday was my first day back in school... as a teacher, that is... I had to put my teacher hat back on and refocus on the year ahead... as stressful as running a photography business & being a teacher can be... I just feel blessed being in two careers that I absolutely love... and in this economy... I feel blessed simply having a job at all... so I will definitely have a challenging year juggling two professions... but I have to admit... I enjoy the challenge =)

AND!! (I have to gloat just a little bit) I won 4th place at iheartfaces weekly challenge!!! Yay!!! Now and again I like to join the fun and enter their contests... which is centered on a different theme every week... last week's theme was "surprise" & with the perfect picture in mind... I just had to enter... and now, I'm glad that I did =) Yay!! How very cool!! Click the link to see the other winners =)

On another note, I want to thank my Fans/Likers! I really (really, really, really) appreciate your support! I am currently at 375 "Likes" (WOOHOO!), which is only 25 likes away from my oh so BIG giveaway!! So, please spread the word and "Suggest to [all your] Friends" beneath the profile picture on my page... click HERE to LIKE [or show your LOVE] =) [by the way, I heart you back]

I hope you all are having a delightful weekend... mine will be spent editing a wedding & 2 events... meeting a bride on Sunday... some cleaning... and hopefully blogging Ryan & Lily's wedding... here's what I'm working on at the moment... check back tomorrow for the rest =) Happy Saturday!!

Tuesday Teaser... {Palm Beach Wedding Photographer}

a fun shot taken at Lily & Ryan's wedding last week... the star of this photo? the bride's adorable niece... more to come... Happy Tuesday!

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the theme for this this week's photo challenge at iheartfaces is "surprise"... and even though I've taken thousands and thousands of images... this was the image that immediately popped in my head that fit the "surprise" theme... this was shot at David & Kelly's wedding in April the first time they saw each other as bride and groom... love the look on his face =)


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Carrie + Steven = Engaged! {Palm Beach Wedding & Portrait Photographer}

here's part two of Carrie & Steven's Palm Beach engagement session (where they got their model on)... if you missed part I (or if you want to see it again) click HERE... enjoy!










and here's the slideshow with  more of my favorites from this awesome engagement session =)