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DIY Wedding Invitations {mine}

So I've been wanting to share some of my DIY details from my wedding that were all hand made... after all the hard work, you betcha I'm gonna talk about them =) Plus, I thought it might help my upcoming brides come up with some ideas for their own wedding...

When we started the whole adventure of planning our wedding, I admit -- it was a bit overwhelming... where to start? what theme to choose? what wedding colors?... the only thing I knew right away was that it had to be orange! My favorite color! Dave was totally cool with it. My sisters -- not so much... but, it didn't matter =) the decision was made!

Back to my projects... the first project that we endeavored were the wedding invitations... we being: my sister Farida, Charmaine, Dave, and myself... I couldn't justify spending $600 or more on invitations! Why buy them when you can make them? These weren't totally made from scratch... I purchased an invitation kit from Michael's and added my own embellishments and personal touch... it required lots of ribbon, a wicked printer, lots of ink for the printer, helping hands, 2 sided foam tape, paper cutter, pandora radio, and lots of patience! I honestly didn't know what I was thinking when I thought I could spit these out in a day! Nope -- it took a week! My suggestion: print everything (every-little-thing) before assembling... that way, you have everything laid out ready for your own sweet assembly line...

Also, I made a sample of everything! Being a visual person, I just had to physically see everything before we made the final product. This helped with ribbon cutting and being able to estimate how much glue, ribbon, or paper we needed. Plus, if you're a perfectionist (like me) -- it helps to know the measurements of everything, as we measured and cut everything with precision... that's where Dave came in, he was my paper cutter =)

I used orange ribbon: a thin one for the inside of the invitation and a thicker one to seal the outside. I used the same ribbon (orange ink & font) throughout the wedding details to really carry out the orange theme, and to bring everything together... the end product, was amazing!! I was incredibly happy with how it all came together =)

and that's only one of many DIY projects from my wedding =) hope that helped some of my brides... or entertained you a bit... more to come! have a great Friday!

that's my sissy on the left and Charmaine on the right... see the precision in that ribbon cutting?!

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