DIY: Table Numbers

Week two of DIY Wednesday! I'm happy to share this sweet & simple idea for table numbers... photography, of course, is a huge deal in my book -- so what better way to display table numbers than with pictures of the bride and the groom? Aside from building a relationship with your wedding photographer (which is quite vital) during your engagement session... you can use the engagement pictures for your wedding...For ours, we used 10 different images taken from our engagement session...  made all of them black and white, then photoshopped numbers onto them... I made 5x7 prints of the images while my husband carefully placed each one into the frame... teamwork =)


I cut orange card stock (the size of the frame) to leave a tiny, orange frame around the image to accent the b/w...

you can use the same frames... or be a little whimsical & use a variety of frames...

our guests loved walking around to see the different pictures on each table...

here are two of my brides that used this idea & displayed engagement pictures that I captured of them... (their guests loved it too)

after all, the day is about you two... hope you enjoyed! (Next week DIY: Party Favors =)

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Sarah :) said...

awww so sweet and a great idea! love your engagement pics too!

your new blog design is just beautiful!! (hugs)