Dave&Kelly: Engagement Session Part I

Meet Dave & Kelly, such a cute and funny couple! This engagement session had been a long time coming, since we kept postponing and delaying due to weather, football, and rain... so even though it was chilly, windy, and cloudy that day --- we were determined to have a shoot! And what a blast it was! We captured laughter, kisses, colors, and tons of romantic moments... I had too many favorites to choose from, so I'm breaking it up into 2 parts... I hope you enjoy!!

Dave requested pictures from these bright walls he saw from one of my other engagement sessions =)

stay tuned for part II =) and don't forget to check out my Valentine's Day Special for portraits and weddings! Click HERE!

Valentine's Day Special

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I leave you with a beautiful quote on why I love being a photographer... along with some of my favorite images from couples portrait sessions...enjoy!

"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you've forgotten everything..." ~Aaron Siskind

I simply love LOVE! And I love capturing LOVE and people in love =)

Teaser shot...

Just wanted to wish everyone a pleasant and relaxing weekend. Tonight we're going on a double date with our friends. I'm very excited because we're finally going to see Avatar!! Not just in 3D, but IMAX 3D =)

And I couldn't part without leaving you a teaser shot from my engagement session last week... more to come! Have a great weekend! xo

Baby Grey...

You might remember my last maternity session couple, Chris & Tiffany... they were super sweet... and we captured beautiful shots by the water... Well, now I'd like to introduce you to their newborn baby... Grey Edward Moore... he was an absolute delight to shoot... that's really all the introduction he needs... enjoy his deliciousness =)

and here's the baby announcement I made for them =)


So if someone adorable spent the day with you, could you resist pulling out your camera?? No, I couldn't resist. Isaiah, nephew & one of my ring bearers, spent a day with me during our holiday break. He looked so handsome with his new haircut and little man outfit, I just had to take his pictures =) Isn't he adorable?? Enjoy!

little model =)

being silly =)

hi world!

I simply wanted to reconnect and say a quick hello... to keep myself (and my fiance) sane, I've been giving myself a lighter load on the photography tasks (blogging, shoots,editing) in order to focus on our upcoming wedding (47 days away)... I have sooooooo much to do... and I think I'm on the brink of the pre-wedding panic making sure everything is perfect =/ sooooo, pardon my absence... once a week or so I'll try to resurface and share my latest work with you or latest wedding planning news =) in the meantime, here's a cute picture of my nephew (in-law) Isaiah after he spent a day with me last week... (more to share soon) Happy Monday and have a great week! xo


Cheers to 2010!!

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope you all had a warm and memorable holiday break with your loved ones... I most certainly did!

Sorry for being MIA...but like I wrote on my Facebook status, I took vacation seriously and took a holiday from everything work related --- photo shoots & blogging. I was able to spend time with Dave, my sister, and the family. I was also able to dedicate an entire week to my DIY wedding projects for our wedding (53 days). Thank goodness for all my helpers!! I honestly couldn't have finished the invitations without the help! Even my future husband chipped in =)

Focusing back on 2010: I am extremely excited for this year!! So many delightfully exciting events awaiting!! I also have a multitude of personal and career goals set to achieve. My enthusiasm comes from all the blessings I received from 2009 --- which was a pivotal point in my life.

Here's a quick flashback: Dave proposed, I said yes; we picked a date and the wedding planning began; decided to pursue a career in photography, gave lots of freebies building my portfolio, blindly started blogging; Jamilah's Creative Touch officially became a company; got business cards; felt like a big girl when I opened up my business bank account; launched website; and now 40 clients later with weddings shot, portraits taken, smiles given, and more weddings booked for 2010... 2009 basically rocked!!

The best part?? It's only the beginning... 2010 has yet to be unwrapped... on February 27th my life begins as Mrs. Newcomer and I'll be the proud wife of Mr. David Newcomer =) And my photography career has only begun... I know 2009 was only a taste of something I love... something incredible!

Now one more thing... I know I said I didn't work on vacation... but I did do a little bit here and there =/ I revamped my website!! Everything has basically been updated!! Please have a look and let me know what you think!! I've been dying to share this with you! Eeeeee!! I'm so excited!! What a refreshing way to start the year! Cheers to 2010!

Love, jamilah