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DIY: Unity Candles

Part II of my DIY projects = unity candles... I'm usually on top of everything, especially with my "wedding to do list" that never seemed to end... this minor detail was overlooked until a week and half before the wedding, when I realized that we didn't have this checked off the list... so Dave and I searched hi and low for a nice set, that wasn't too chintzy and something that would actually be functional after the wedding... since most of the candles had "love" or "forever" inscribed on them -- we weren't feeling them so much... so I decided -- to make them =)

Dave and I went to Michael's & Joann Fabrics
in search of candles that would soon become our unity candles... ... and finally found what we needed at World Market (a favorite of mine) in Wellington... we bought two (ivory, shimmery) pillar candles; one big pillar candle, and then candle holders for all three... we then went back to Joann's and purchased accessories and such for the candles: more orange ribbon, metal pins, glue gun, and some self-adhesive crystals (for some bling)... two hours later & one trip back to World Market to replace a broken pillar candle --- Dave and I had our unity candles... CHECK! =)

I was so proud of my unity candles... I loved how they came out -- and I'm not embarrassed to display them... the big pillar candle is displayed on a shelf, while the two smaller candles rest on top of my piano... every anniversary, we will light them -- in celebration of our love & each other =)

Now here are images that show the journey of our unity candles... enjoy =)

this set below is by our wedding photographer: Sarah =) of BrightHouse Photography...

this is totally unrelated... I couldn't help but to give you a sneak peak of baby Jackson (from my newborn/family session)... here's an outtake photo with his binky... isn't he adorable?? more of him soon!

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