Tyler {West Palm Beach Family & Child Photographer}

Tyler is my best friend Maggie's 7 year old son... he's handsome... smart... clever... energetic... and a whole lot of fun! They all came down from Michigan to visit us for a few days... Maggie & Edward went down to Miami overnight, and Dave and I got to babysit Tyler & Isaiah (our nephew)... and all I have to say about babysitting two boys (6&7 years old) for almost two days -- I was incredibly happy to see Maggie when they got back!!! It's true -- I missed her! Ok, ok... we were exhausted! Loved it -- but exhausted... but while Maggie was away... I wanted to surprise her with some pictures of her son... so here are pictures from our mini session with the boys... enjoy!


yup... he's a handsome little man...


and our nephew, Isaiah...

the boys...



love this one!

Hope you're having a good day!

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Margaret said...

Jamilah, I love them! A couple of these I hadn't seen. You captured the essence of Tyler! Thank you so much! XOXOXO