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About Me Updated...

Since I gave my blog a little facelift... I thought I would update the "About Me" portion from my blog and website... and why not share it with my readers and clients... I wrote a list of random facts that you may or may not have known -- about me... click HERE or click "About Me" on the menu bar...

Side note: I just want to give a shout out to my fans or "Likers" on my Facebook Page... I truly appreciate the love & support... at the moment we are up to 344 "Likes"(Yay!)... once we reach 400, I will be doing a big giveaway... so don't miss out... "Suggest to Friends" underneath the profile picture, and suggest my Facebook Page to all your friends... (As I said before: Thank you... and I Like You Too!!)

and what's a post without a picture? This image was taken at Sanibel Island on our weekend getaway after our wedding... our first vacation as Mr. & Mrs. Newcomer =)  have a great weekend!

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