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hi world!

I simply wanted to reconnect and say a quick hello... to keep myself (and my fiance) sane, I've been giving myself a lighter load on the photography tasks (blogging, shoots,editing) in order to focus on our upcoming wedding (47 days away)... I have sooooooo much to do... and I think I'm on the brink of the pre-wedding panic making sure everything is perfect =/ sooooo, pardon my absence... once a week or so I'll try to resurface and share my latest work with you or latest wedding planning news =) in the meantime, here's a cute picture of my nephew (in-law) Isaiah after he spent a day with me last week... (more to share soon) Happy Monday and have a great week! xo


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Matt and Talley Mac said...

Hes adorable Jam!!! Hope all is well! HUGS...