Carrie + Steven = Engaged! {Palm Beach Wedding & Portrait Photographer}

The first time I met Carrie, she was bubbling over with excitement! Excitement about the wedding... about being a bride... and about marrying the love of her life... When I met both of them to finalize their wedding details, I knew they were absolutely made for each other... I thought it was so cute that by chance they wore matching outfits to our meeting (well they say it wasn't planned) (I secretly wanted to take a picture)!

Steven is so easy going and so in tune with his bride, that inside I was swooning over their love for each other... They just totally compliment each other and are just so --- meant to be... And I knew they were a match made in heaven for me (as their photographer) when they told me they both love the artistic flare (ehem -- creative touch) I give to my photos... and when they wanted to do a sunrise photo shoot for their engagement session... yes... I was swooning all over again...

Carrie & Steven were so much fun to capture... I mean, with Carrie's gorgeous smile -- and Steven's willingness to pose for my camera... it -- was -- bliss! I can only imagine the fun I'm going to have on their wedding day... for now... here are a few of my favorites from their engagement session... stay tuned for part II... enjoy!





not gonna lie -- I'm not a morning person... but to capture this happy couple with this backdrop --- I'd wake up at 5am anytime!




oh Carrie... you have such a gorgeous smile...

make sure to come back for part II... that's when they get their model on ;-)

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