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Gavriella Maliha....

this tiny, sweet girl is my beautiful niece, Gavriella Maliha... or just, Maliha...she's almost 4 months old, and already wearing 12 month old clothes... because she's the youngest sibling with 3 older brothers -- her favorite outfits around the house are her brothers' hand me downs (pants & t-shirts)... but I think my sister is finally getting the hang of having a baby girl, and is dressing her in more pinks, dresses, and girlie outfits =)

when my family came down for the wedding, Maliha spent the night at our house... when I took over babysitting duty--tutu and camera in hand... I was desperately wanting to capture her in this tutu, so we had an impromptu photo shoot... although it was a bit difficult trying to capture a baby without a helper to spot and hold the baby, I managed a few shots before she got too fussy... for that, Maliha, I thank you =) here's my niece..... enjoy!

I ordered the tutu from Etsy (one of my addictions) =/ thank you Tutu Cute by Mini M for this adorable tutu!

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