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Help-Portrait:: Behind the Scenes

Help-Portrait was a simple concept... a simple concept with such a profound impact on people... on both sides of the lens...

On 12/12 I got to be part of a historical day... maybe not historical for the history books (perhaps one day)... but quite historical to many... to the 17 photographers, make up artists, and volunteers in our West Palm Beach Group and the 153 subjects we gave free professional portraits to... Help-Portrait was a success! We partnered up with Foster & Adoptive Parent Association during their holiday party hosted by A Child's Cry for Help... in between eating, arts and crafts, and meeting Santa--- families came upstairs, got glamored up, and took some family portraits... to some, the only pictures they've ever taken as a family...

Help-Portrait became a world-wide event and even landed on CNN, CBS, and NBC news... all over the world photographers and volunteers were making people smile and laugh... making people say, "cheese!" or "Santa Claus!"... and something that will stick far beyond that day, making people feel special... as of today:: there were
36,000 portraits given by 3,002 photographers & 4,422 volunteers in 511 locations in 41 countries... that's the big picture... it was a very humbling experience... to be able to connect with people... not only connecting with colleagues in your profession, but connecting with people on the other side of the camera... I feel very special to be among an extraordinary group of such giving people... and that's what Help-Portrait is to me... it's about beyond your services... your photography... your business... it's giving of yourself...

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give..." ~Winston Churchill

To protect the privacy of the families we captured, I can only share behind the scenes images... but just picture the smiles...and the excitement that day =)

make up artist Elysa, covering up this little guy's boo boo =(

a shot of Channel 5 camera man covering Help-Portrait =)

I love the look in her eyes... such pride and excitement as she got her make up done!

one of our photographer's, Freddy...

and our West Palm Beach Help-Portrait Group!! Can't wait until next year!

Thank you to Jeremy Cowart for sharing this brilliant idea with the world... thank you to my West Palm Beach group of photographers, make up artists, editing & printing crew, and the rest of the volunteers... Thank you FAPA for making us a part of your holiday festivities... and Thank you to A Child's Cry for Help for donating photo paper... it wouldn't have been a success without everyone's contribution... for that, I thank you!!

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