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meet my future cousins-in-law, Erin & Aiden... their family drove down to spend Thanksgiving with the rest of the family... sadly, we missed the Newcomer Thanksgiving because we drove up to Michigan to be with my family... we were lucky enough to have shared a delicious Cuban dinner before we left... and Aunt Carol (their Mom) asked me to take portraits of her kids... so here they are... such smart, cute, and really good kids... enjoy!

aren't they sweet? I had so much fun shooting them =)


Maria Confer said...

Oh, they are so lovely!! Such gorgeous kids and I love the playful way you captured them.

Matt and Talley Mac said...

Fab as always! They are beautiful children!! Enjoy break, I'm surely missing it! WAHH

jamilah said...

Thank you Maria and Talley! Aren't they just adorable?!