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the autumn that surrounds me...

if you don't live in South Florida, fortunately you're not suffering from the record breaking heat that we are still suffering through =( it's practically mid-October and it feels like mid-July... so with the heat, and the none changing leaves... it's hard to remember sometimes that it's already fall... which is why I'm so looking forward to our Michigan trip!! only 4 short days away!! we're flying up for my sister's baby shower, to celebrate Diwali, and just to be with my family =) (oh yeah, also squeezing in some photo shoots =) i cannot wait to chase and squeeze my nephews, to see my family, and to be surrounded by the true autumn season...

with that, i leave you with the autumn that surrounds me at home... little reminders in every corner of my home that it's may not feel like it outside... but it's here... enjoy =)

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for some reason i really like this picture...perhaps it's the inviting chocolate =)

happy harvesting! yes, i can be corny =)


Maria Confer said...

I love your autumnal touches!! I can't believe it's so hot down there. Be prepared it's really cold here!!

I can't believe I'm going to be seeing you so soon!! YAY!!

Matt and Talley Mac said...

very cool! Love the autumn shots! And I'm with you. It is WAY to freaking hot down here!! BLEH. It IS supposed to be cooler by the weekend, more like our "fall". Have a safe trip!