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Who doesn't like free??

Ok, it's been awhile since I've done any contests or giveaways... so now is the time!! Guess what I'm giving away??? A free portrait session! Whether it's family portraits, an engagement session, pictures of your kiddies, or of yourself... it's absolutely free =) You'll receive all of your custom edited hi-resolution images on a DVD... and why not?! I'll even throw in an 8x10 print, just because I love to give... read below for the contest stipulations: (it's easy!)

1) Follow my BLOG.

2) Become a FAN of my Facebook page.

3) Leave a daily comment on my posts (including this one), now through October 13th =) Each comment you leave will be an entry for the drawing, but limited to one comment per day.

4) If you're already a follower & a fan, recommend your friends to also become a follower & fan and your name will be placed in the drawing again. Make sure to let me know who recruited you so I can give that person an additional entry!

5) The contest ends October 13th. I will announce the lucky winner October 14th!

**my Michigan fans, don't fret! You can enter as well! If a Michigander wins the drawing, your portrait session will be next week when I'm in town. It's a short window of time, but we'll figure out a slot for your session :)**

Speaking of contests (which is where I got my contest fever from), check out Scarlett Lillian's awesome giveaway for fellow photographers... check it out HERE!

And finally, I can't part without some pictures to share. Every Friday I thought I'd post a detail shot(s) from one of the weddings I've covered... the ones below are from my awesome surfer couple, Chris & Carrie who had a lovely beach wedding... have a great Friday everyone!!


Matt and Talley Mac said...

I'm leaving a message!!! I might have a referral for you. a Retirement party in Nov...I'll let you know, passing on your website!

Miss you!

Talley (and I THINK i'm a fan? maybe not...hmmm)

jamilah said...

Oh Talley, you're the best!! And the first entry in my contest! Yay! Yes, you're're a fan and a follower... thank you for the referral...let me know when because November is booking up...miss you and will text you this weekend =)

Brandi said...

OK I am new to this Blooging thing, So How do I follow a blog? Is there a follow button like on Twitter?! LOL

Brandi said...

Ok... I figured it out! GO....ME!! YAY

jamilah said...

yay! go Brandi! thanks for joining my site and for entering my contest =)

Maria Confer said...

Such an awesome contest, but I already feel like a winner. ;)