Nick + Donna = Married {Part 2}| Michigan Wedding Photographer

I apologize for the delay for part 2... I flew up north to attend a professional photographer's conference in Washington, D.C. (which you'll be hearing about soon enough)... but first, I must share the rest of my favorite images from Nick & Donna's wedding day along with their wedding slideshow!! Hope you enjoy!! And don't forget to show them some love by clicking "Like" below the slideshow... xo
PS... Click HERE if you missed part 1 =)

I absolutely love this image... veil blowing in the wind... loving on each other... ahhh... perfection...


Um, yea... they are just gorgeous! Yes, Nick... you too!

Awesome shot by my hubby... and,oh, I didn't tell you? Yes, the bridesmaids were all gorgeous as well! Lucky me!!

Fun shot... after all, it was a golf course... and that's what they do!

Another shot from Dave... Probably one of my favorite group shots... simply perfect!!

Love this one also... & I wish I had a video tape to show you how goofy the bridal party was behaving! lol

Some details of the beautiful venue...

I just LOVE their blue and white theme... with the silk linens... such impeccable taste!


First dance kiss... love it!

And this party... was all--about--dancing!! You know it's a wild fun wedding when... a guest (in a dress no less) is on another guest's shoulder... Yea, that's how this wedding rolled!! And it was incredibly fun! I felt incredibly lucky to have flown up to Michigan to be Nick & Donna's wedding photographer! For that, I thank you!!

Enjoy a few more favorites on their slideshow =)


Donna said...

Jamilah, I cant even begin to tell you how awesome of a job you and your husband did. Looking back at the photos seriously takes me back to each and every emotion I was feeling the day of our wedding. I am so happy you preserved our memories in such a beautiful way. I am so so so happy with how they all turned out. Thank you so much!

betlap49 said...

thank you so much Jamilah for the wonderful photographs. i am crying still as i write this. they are gorgeous and a wonderful representation of the beautiful day we shared with Nick and Donna. we could not have asked for more.

jamilah said...

Donna, it honestly makes my day when my bride & groom love their pictures... it was so much fun to capture! And Dave & I are so happy to have been a part of it! Thank you!!

Betty, you got me choked up now! Thank you for your kind words! I am so happy we captured a good representation of such a fantastic celebration! So happy you're happy =)