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Happy Monday!

Usually this greeting is lathered with cynicism... because, really? Who actually {remotely} even enjoys Mondays? Not too many people... it arrives too quickly, then abruptly ends the fun & relaxing weekend that you were having... {long sigh} The greeting usually sounds more like "oh, dreadful Monday" {in your most somber voice}...

Well, for me it actually is a happy Monday... because this is one of 4 Mondays where I don't have to wake up to my alarm, beckoning me to go to work... nope! I get to enjoy a few more weeks of summer vacation =) {happy sigh} For newbie readers, I'm an elementary teacher by day... and a photographer by evenings & weekends =)

So for those who do have the Monday blues... here's something that should make you smile... my nephew, Vansh, with his new specks... which he absolutely hates... but gosh... isn't he so adorable?

baby glasses

he takes them off... often...
baby glasses

then when he sees his mama coming, attempts to put them back on...
baby glasses

really, he'd rather eat them than wear them!
baby glasses

better luck next time blue specks...
baby glasses

OH! And to add to my happy Monday... I'm featured on my friend Maria's BLOG! Yay! Happy, indeed!


Maria Confer said...

Oh, this makes me smile!! I know how he feels. I have a love hate relationship with my glasses and would rather chew on them too.

I should have had glasses as a baby, but they didn't discover my eye problems till I was six. So it's really great that he has them so young!

Lulu Letty

jamilah said...

Wow, I didn't realize you had your glasses at a young age also... I think little kids are so cute with glasses...

I've wanted glasses for a long time (I don't know why I wished that upon myself), because now I really do need them =( but no contacts for me!