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iheartfaces {celebrating mom}

As we finish celebrating Mother's Day, iheartfaces is continuing the celebration by "Celebrating Mom" on this week's photo challenge... As I sifted through my maternity sessions, and family sessions -- I thought I couldn't go without celebrating my sister... a mother of four children, 3 boys and a baby girl... every time I talk to her on the phone -- with the kids screams & cries in the background, I tell her I don't know how she does it... and I honestly don't... she is graceful,  intelligent, strong, beautiful, and an incredible mother... and without her, I wouldn't have my sweet nephews and niece to spoil...

I took the image below during our Diwali celebration last year in Michigan... my sister, Annaliza, with her three boys and baby girl in her belly... isn't she a beautiful mother? That's my sister ♥


and here I go missing my family...
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