16 Days Away...

from matrimonial bliss =) this weekend, the 13th of February will be our engagement anniversary [exactly 2 weeks away until our wedding]... to celebrate, Dave just told me we're going to do the same thing we did last year when he proposed... head up to our favorite amusement park -- Universal Studios! Weeeeeee!

Dave proposed to me Friday the 13th last year... which I love, because now I have no fear or qualms about Friday the 13th =) Now it's deemed as a happy day... he popped the question right before we left for Orlando to spend Valentine's weekend at Universal... with all the excitement and tears --- I completely forgot to grab the camera... so I told Dave we needed to buy one of the ride pictures to commemorate a very special weekend... so, we got one from one of our favorite rides: The Incredible Hulk! I flashed my ring just for the camera =)

and one year and two weeks later, on February 27th... these will be the rings we don =)

can't wait to share more wedding details... until next time, I hope you have a delightfully, lovely Valentine's weekend... filled with hugs, kisses, and chocolates... and all things love =) xo


Eric said...

SO, SO wonderful! :D
Happy Anniversary to you both... Oh, and congratulations! :D

Who's shooting your wedding?!

jamilah said...

Thank you so much! & that's the first question everyone asks a photographer =) My friend Sarah of Brighthouse Photography is shooting our wedding =)