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Pros-N-Joes Teasers

When I'm editing images... I'm like a kid on Christmas day... I get really, overly excited... and I just cannot wait to unwrap it! and I'm the same way when waiting for people to unwrap their present from me... it's actually my favorite part...sooo, I couldn't wait... here's a few teasers from my coverage at Pros-N-Joes wakeboarding/wakeskating competition... many more to come... enjoy!

a-m-a-z-ing!! right??! these guys were beyond awesome!


Maria Confer said...

Actually, I was just thinking you are beyond awesome!!

These photos are amazing and I love the editing you've done!!

jamilah said...

oh maria, you are too sweet! thank you so much =) you have no idea how much fun it was being there... and how much fun it's been editing the images... sooo cooool!

Matt and Talley Mac said...

Oh those are so cool. Hub is sitting here going "whoa thats awesome!"

Good job girlie! :)