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Baby shower...

When we were in Michigan we threw my sister, Annaliza, a baby shower... as you've seen -- my sister has three boys... and soon she will be gracing us with a baby girl!! we are all very excited to have a baby girl to play with... with three older brothers, this will be a tough little baby girl =)

Even though we had intentions of taking maternity pictures of my sister, we really never found the time... the only shots I have of her are stolen shots... hope you enjoy!

baby games! the kids enjoyed catching butterflies =)

Yaya...I mean Superman...a little down cuz the bigger boys were catching all the butterflies =(

(I love how kids randomly decide they want to wear their costume)

auntie saves him!

James and Superman helping their Mama open presents =)

my sister is all belly!

can't wait to meet you baby girl!!


Maria Confer said...

Annaliza looks stunning. Such a chic party!!

Laurie said...

LOVE the stolen shots! :)