MI e-session teaser =)

I'm back from Michigan... well, physically back... mentally I'm still savoring the beautiful autumn weather...the colors of the trees... and the lingering giggles and kisses from my nephews... yes, my heart is still in Michigan... but it is good to be back in your own home... your own bed =)
just wanted to say I've missed my bloggy friends and I had to leave you with a teaser shot from Nick & Donna's engagement session I took while I was away...many more to come... enjoy!


Donna said...

yay :) I'm so excited! I love this one

Matt and Talley Mac said...

THAT is a cool shot!

Yay I'm excited!

Maria Confer said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the rest!!

I just know I'm going to die from jealousy and never recover from having to cancel.