Contest Winner!

Before I announce the winner of my contest, I just want to greet everyone farewell!! This will be my last post... until next week, anyway =) My Michigan trip has finally arrived!! Tomorrow I leave for Michigan and greet the cold weather with Dave, his dad, and Dave's nephew Isaiah... my brother in law called last night to warn us of the high 40s temperature and to bring lots of sweaters and warm clothes... Isaiah has been so excited to visit his friend/cousin, James... so excited, that he packed his little luggage a few days back... I have been quite excited myself... I absolutely cannot wait, and will probably have a sleepless night due to excitement!

Finally, for the winner... Thank you for those who entered my contest... The winner of the Free Portrait Session along with an 8x10 print is Talley (better known to some as Nurse Talley =) Congratulations Talley, and thank you for faithfully reading my blog and entering a comment each day... I will email you possible dates for our session =) Can't wait!

Now I'm off to prepare for my trip! Lots to do, lots to pack... here's what I'm looking forward to!! Until next time!!


Matt and Talley Mac said...

WOOT! I'm jumping up and down for joy! How very cool!! I wanted a sitting with you but was gonna have to save for it!! Me excited!!! :) You'll be my Christmas Photo!!!

YAY! Have a safe trip! Talk to you soon!

Maria Confer said...

Congratulations to Talley!!

So cute that Isaiah and James are forming such a bond!! I'm so giddy about seeing you!

Have a safe trip!!