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Sheila: Portrait Session

it's been quite a busy day! after school today, i had dance auditions for the dance team at school which i co-coach...then i came home...cooked dinner...then busied myself with all things photography...whew! dinner break...and now...blogging my latest photo session =)

as an intro to this portrait session i have to mention that my sister's and i are all business oldest sister (with her husband) is busy with their thriving business in michigan (along with a million other business projects)...and the second oldest well...just traveling every other week for her job in in the corporate world...and me? running my photography company =)

my oldest sister is launching a new website for one of her business projects...and i was honored when she asked me to take pictures for the site! the following images are from the first business photoshoot which my friend sheila was happy to model for...i loooove how these pictures came out...sheila was such a doll to work with! i love how my client's are always nervous in the beginning...and watching them as the shoot progresses and how relaxed they become...and realize how much fun they've had =)'s beautiful sheila...enjoy!


Anonymous said...

these are very nice, sheila is going to love them

Maria Confer said...

Wow, simply stunning! The pictures of Sheila smiling in the grass are beyond gorgeous!! And Sheila herself with her blue eyes and freckles in so beautiful.

jamilah said...

thank you!! i absolutely love how these came out! isn't sheila such a doll?! love it!