Autumn Portrait Specials!!

one of the things i truly miss about michigan (other than family, of course) is the fall season...there's nothing better than driving by autumn foliage...with its beautiful changing colors...bright orange and crisp brown leaves...the site of pumpkins on doorsteps...the smell of warm apple cider...and the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming holidays... favorite!

since moving to florida...with no sign of leaves changing...and a slim chance of sporting my favorite sweaters...i remind myself of the season by usually going overboard with fall decorations around my house =) maybe i'll take pictures this year and show you =)

well...another way i wanted to indulge in the season was to celebrate with you! I have two very special deals for the month of September... go to my website, then click on "about"'ll find the special offers under "pricing"... this offer ends September 30th, so book your session today =) i can't wait to hear from you...and i especially look forward to capturing you...yours truly!

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