My Official Website!!

for me, this year has been filled with many blessings...the year began with a tender proposal from my sweet husband to mom was able to visit dave and i in our home for the first sister's family, with my darling nephews, also made it down to play in the sand's of florida...dave and i trekked all the way up north, on our first major road trip, to spend a week with my family...jamilah's creative touch became an official registered company, and i became a business woman =) and today....

the launch of my's been a wonderful summer making new friends...and sharing captured moments with you... what an amazing feeling to finally launch my website...jamilah's creative touch =) it's been a long time coming...but as they say..."good things come to those who wait"

i invite you to visit my official website i think you'll be delighted to see that some of you are featured on my site...and also you'll find many pictures that are being published for the first time...let me know what you think =) enjoy!


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Maria Confer said...

Oh, Jamilah! You website is gorgeous! I love everything about it, from the perfect song to the breathtaking images!!

It looks both professional and welcoming. Congratulations.