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my new business cards!!

so far, today has been a good day...well it started last night...because of my horrible experience at the clinic, dave took me out to dinner to cheer me up =)...then on a whim, decided to go to the Apple store to upgrade my phone! yay for my new iPhone 3GS (it's so sweet!)...and yay! for a wonderful fiance (who likes to spoil me)!

sooo...i slept really well last night and woke up early and refreshed...had a good experience at the post office and was able to send out a few of my client's packages (without a crazy line)...then i picked up my new business cards!!! yay!! thank you Great Western Printing for an awesome job!! you guys rock!!

you know i had to share these with you =) so here are a few images of my new business cards! tell me what you think =) xo!

here's the front =)

business cards

and the back....

business cards

and now both =) hehe



Maria Confer said...

Oh, my!! Jamilah your cards look so beautiful!!

I love the black front with the faint scroll pattern. And the back showcases you work beautifully and your information is simple and concise!!

So lovely!

leslie519 said...

Love them! I need some ;)

jamilah said...

thank you thank you!! super excited about them! i shall be passing them out =)