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livid would best describe my emotional state at the moment...argh!!!...i'm so livid i have to let my frustration spill onto paper...well, onto the keyboard... and i can't do it in 140 characters, so here i am! blogging my frustration away...

how would you feel if you had to wait an hour for your doctor's appointment? try TWO hours! yes, i waited 2 hours...and yes, i should have walked out sooner!...i waited in the stuffy waiting room, packed with people...waiting for my annual visit, which is dreadful in and of itself...after a little over an hour, false hope arrives as i get transported into my room where i change into my paper gown...sitting on paper, wearing paper...not the most comfortable...

after flipping through five people's magazine, playing with my phone, then staring at the wall...i realized that i had been waiting for two hours! TWO HOURS! i kept debating whether i should walk out or didn't take long to decide (well, i guess you could say it took 2 hours)...i furiously changed back into my civilian clothing and let my frustration out at the front desk, and told them that i will be switching doctors...and that it is not right to make anyone wait that long!

i mean, how would my client's feel if i showed up two hours late for a photo session? two hours late for their wedding? Livid?! right? my client's would be livid! why does this not pertain to doctor's and hospitals? am i missing something? last year my sister waited in an emergency room for three hours!! what is that? luckily she wasn't dying! i mean, i know... you expect to wait...but to make a person wait that long?

it's inconsiderate...simply, it's just not right... but what are we to do? find a different doctor...which is something i should have done long it's mainly my fault for not switching sooner...i've heard there are clinics where you wait a maximum ten what a concept...schedule people when you can take them...ahh...yes, that would be now, i'm off to print a list of doctors in my area...

and i can't part without leaving you some pictures =) so here are a few images of my nephew, kicking some booty at his kung fu class...and as a proud auntie, i'm happy to announce that he passed his first test and is now a "white sash"...

thank you for reading and for allowing me to unleash my thoughts and frustration...have an enjoyable evening =)


kung fu

kung fu

kung fu

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Maria Confer said...

I have almost had to wait that long!! It's so ridiculously rude and totally wrong. They're working for us, we're paying them and yet we're the ones waiting.

Good for you for walking out and finding a new doctor.

Love the pictures. Cole has a black belt and used to teach karate. I imagine this is how he looked when he was little.