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Michigan revisited =)

i was going through my michigan pictures and realized that my sisters haven't seen all the pictures yet...i posted some of the pictures on facebook, but as much as i bug my sisters to open an account...they're not on facebook =(

so this morning i sifted through the pictures that were taken from the trip...smiling as i went through them, missing my family once again...below are some of my favorite michigan moments...enjoy!

1) my sister...carrying the little girl we've all been waiting for =) she's due 12/1!

2) cute james...and his huge eyes and long lashes =)
Michigan revisited

3) dinner time for vansh! so cute!
Michigan revisited

4) maggie's backyard...james, ramiah, & tyler jumping around while yaya pretended to shoot they loved this because they don't have any toy guns at home =)
Michigan revisited

5) sweet amanda, she's my sister's personal assistant's daughter...she comes every tues & thur to babysit/play with the kids...she's so good! yaya calls her "my manda" they fight for her attention =)
Michigan revisited

6) it wouldn't be summer without running through your sprinklers!!
Michigan revisited

7) bedtime with mama...
Michigan revisited

8) my BFFs!! we all live in different states, so it was especially awesome that we all got to see each other and spend a little time together =)
Michigan revisited

9) while i chased and played with the older boys, dave got to sneak away with the sweetest baby boy...vansh...i couldn't keep from taking pictures...i just love this side of dave =) he's the best uncle!
Michigan revisited

10) and here's dave and yours truly...we had an incredible time in michigan...
Michigan revisited

visiting up north is always, incredibly hectic...and time usually flies by rather quickly...i'm sad i didn't get to see my other friends: john, matt, & sheila...i promise to see you in october =) xo


Laurie said...

Jamilah, I LOVE the one of your sister in the doorway. Gorgeous!

Maria Confer said...

You have such a beautiful family!! So exciting that you're going to have a little baby niece to spoil rotten.

My goodness, I can never get enough of your adorable nephews. Aww, Dave is seriously too cute with Vansh! There's nothing sexier than a man holding a baby!

Margaret said...

Beautiful, Jamilah...especially the one your sister. See how much you love Michigan? You want to move back, don't you? ;)

jamilah said...

thank you laurie and "margaret" =) that was the only maternity shot i got of my sister, i owe her a full maternity shoot =) and yes maria, i can never get enough of them either...wait until you meet them in october ;) the topper is their cute voices...ah...maggie perhaps one day i'll be back =)

Leslie said...

Love all of them! You rock woman!