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Colleen: Lifestyle Portraits Part I

colleen and i have worked together for 5 years now...she's a wonderful teacher and a very hard working woman...she's very much in tuned with her health and fitness...for her, it's not just a hobby or a fun thing to's her way of's carried out in her eating habits, workout regime, and yoga...she decided to do a lifestyle photo session to capture her in different yoga poses...

i had an incredible time shooting colleen! there were too many beautiful shots to share that i couldn't pick only a i decided to divvy them up into different parts, based on location...also, i couldn't just put the pictures out there without giving the yoga poses their proper i had to do a lot of researching before i could post this =) although, i couldn't find the name of the last yoga pose...if you happen to know what it is, let me know ;-)

here's colleen in her lifestyle portraits part I...enjoy!

1) tree pose (i had to post this one again, it's just so beautiful!)

2) triangle pose
Yoga part 1

3) pigeon pose
Yoga part 1

4) hover pose
Yoga part 1

5) cobra pose
Yoga part 1

6) pigeon crescent (i love this one!)
Yoga part 1

7) and ? (please share if you know the name of this pose =)
Yoga part 1
isn't colleen amazing at this? the strength of her body...and the elegance and tranquility of yoga...very inspiring...

1 comment:

Maria Confer said...

Colleen is in such wonderful shape! I am in awe of her flexibility and gracefulness.

As always you did a gorgeous job capturing her poses. These could go in a yoga magazine!!