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Baby Jackson | South Florida Family & Children Portrait Photographer

The first time you met baby Jackson, he was only two weeks old... and now, he's half a year old -- and looks totally different from his newborn session... he is such a handsome little man and a totally laid back baby... As in our first session together, Sharron & Luke came well prepared... multiple, coordinating outfits were laid out... baby was fed and happy... and they even asked to borrow their friend's beach house for our photo shoot location... when she told me that -- in my head I was singing the "AHHHHHHHH"(in a high octave) --- like you hear when the pearly gates of heaven opens, all you see is blinding light, and the sound of "AHHHHHHH"... Like something miraculous just happened... Anyways, it was also like that when I showed up to our session... and like that when I left... because shooting this family was so much fun! I honestly felt like a kid in a candy shop... gorgeous family, perfect lighting, awesome setting... it's every photographers' dream... and even though Sharron felt bad that I was sweating profusely in the 100 degree weather when we shot outside --- I would do it all over again -- wearing a wool sweater! So here's part 1 -- with all the fun baby highlights... stay tuned for part 2 --- more of my family favorites =) enjoy & happy Friday!



love his cute chunky monkey fingers...

mmmm... feet look yummy!

mmm...nom nom nom...

love this one...

isn't he sooo delicious?!

baby Jackson gettin' down! lol

he loved the joke I told him! ok, his parents just know how to make him laugh!

Really... no... they're not a celebrity family... just a gorgeous one!

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