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Tears of Joy...

So for the last few weeks I've been updating my website... working on my logo... and completely updating every aspect of my business... because if I make one tiny change, like changing my logo... I have to change it on my website, my splash page, my clients' site, my blog header, on my contracts, on my facebook page... and  -- well, it's time consuming! And exhausting...

Today as I was trouble shooting the website --- looking through all my sessions... the babies, the couples, the weddings... (with my favorite love song playing in the background) I actually started -- to get teary eyed... tearful... not at my work... but tearful at the joy so many have shared with me...

I've been truly blessed to have been a part of so many joyful moments in peoples' lives... from children & family joy... the joy of expecting a baby... newborn baby joy... the joy & excitement of an engaged couple... and the blissful, joy of a bride & groom... nothing -- compares... I've been truly blessed to have captured all of these joyful moments for my clients, family, & friends...

Photography for me doesn't feel like a job... or work... (well, the business part of it does)... photography is a gift... for me --- a gift I can give back time & time again... a creative outlet to capture life's fleeting moments that we can never chase or get back... it's a gift of a timeless moment... this is why I love photography... this is why I love what I do... and love the smiles & tears that are evoked by simple images of life...

With the launch of my updated website... I wanted to share with you what makes me fall in love with photography... over and over... and all over again... each time...

Please visit my WEBSITE and let me know what you think of the updates =) comments welcomed & loved..


Chris & Carrie



cc wedding

Wedding pics,pauline & rodney

jazlyn,baby pics

engagement pics





kinda tugs at your heart, doesn't it?

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