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Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Blog!

So a year ago this month, I tried my hand at blogging!  I didn't even know what a blog was, how to post properly, or how to play with HTML... oh wait, I still don't know how to read HTML and all the coding stuff! (A little bit, but not really) Thanks to my high school friend Maria (a super blogger with nearly 1,000 followers), who inspired me to just go out and start blogging! Plus I kept hearing that it was the thing to do for a photographer, to get my work out to the world and to be able to share images with my clients... so, I did... and now, here we are...

It has been an incredible blessing to have met so many wonderful people that shared their lives & their special moments with me... what a year of growth...learning... of fun...and a year of adventure... as a homage to my  blogging anniversary, I wanted to take a look at what this past year has brought me... see all the smiles once again... sweet moments with couples & families... romance and love I captured... and all the happiness I got to share with my clients... and for that, I thank you (truly from the bottom of my heart)!

Here's a look down memory lane...


Chris & Carrie




Beach Session

donald & kindra

Lauren Part 2

Third Row Center



christina 2




cc wedding

Wedding pics,pauline & rodney

jazlyn,baby pics

engagement pics





I could keep going---but I won't! Just wanted to share a few... thanks for stopping by! Come back & visit to see what the next year brings us.... ♥ me

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Matt and Talley Mac said...

Happy one year!! And hey we made it on! :) I'm honored!! Congrats on a year full of amazing pictures and wonderful blessings!!