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Madelyn & Andrew {Children Portrait Photography}

If you've followed my journey on this blog, you may remember this cutie patootie -- Maddy! ... she was one of my first little clients... well fast forward a year later, and now you can meet her baby brother Andrew (aka Drew)! These adorable babies are my friend's (Dena & Mike's) children... and yes, shooting Maddy still makes me want a little girl of my own one day...

There were too many sweet pictures to choose from, so here's part one oozing with cuteness and adorableness with Maddy & Drew's delicious pictures =) Enjoy!

{I posted the Easter-ish pictures first, since I have my Easter Special...Tell your friends!}

sooo cute =)

had to re-post this... just so cute...

she was stretching and I told her to freeze... she took direction very well... thanks Maddy!!

Told you they were cute! Wait for part II though =)

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Matt and Talley Mac said...

Oh my gosh they are just too cute! DENA you make beautiful babies my friend! Oh my goodness!!! that little boy is definitly got a lot of you!!!

AMAZING Ms. Jamilah as always!