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{iheartfaces} photo challenge

I wanted to join the fun at {iheartfaces} photographer friend sarah introduced me last week to this awesome photography resource when she posted her entry... so, why not? I've actually never entered any photo contest, so I thought I'd get my feet wet... just for fun =)

the photo challenge this week is "dramatic b&w"... and for my entry, I'm going back to an image I captured a year ago... and for some reason, it's one of my favorites... I love how simple it is -- and yet, quite striking all at once... I like the saying "less--is more"... and when we're looking for a composition, it doesn't always have to be something extravagant or a crazy setting... it could simply be the look in the person's eye... or a simple gate in the background... that makes an image... unforgettable......

If you're a newbie or a "Newcomer" (ahem) to {iheartfaces}like me, check out their site for endless photography resources and weekly challenges =)


thoughts on beautiful rachel's image?


Pink Shoes Photography said...

Very Sassy, great capture

Lolli said...

I love the lines in this shot. They draw me to her face...and her big hoop earring. ;)

Come see my entry!

jamilah said...

thank you & thanks for stopping by, pink shoes & lolli =)