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Isaiah's Birthday Dinner

last Friday the family celebrated Isaiah's 6th birthday with a home cooked meal by Dave's dad... here are some family pictures from the fun evening we had at our house...

Isaiah's "Pop-Pop" cooked us a delicious veal marsala dinner... yum!

I baked Isaiah a ghoulish cake since his birthday is around Halloween =)

Dave's sister Lisa =)

Isaiah with his mom and dad, Krysten and Melvin...

being silly =)

playing thumb war with his grandma...

then his uncle Dave challenged him to some arm wrestling...

he's so darn cute!!

ha! ti-ti Lisa and uncle Dave having some fun with Isaiah =)

hilarious! all in good fun =)

he liked it =) doesn't this picture make you wanna laugh?


Margaret said...

What a cute kid! Nice shots, J.

Maria Confer said...

Isaiah is so adorable!! What a happy little boy!!

Looks like the best birthday a kid could ask for surrounded by people who adore and love him.