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So instead of posting my new holiday packages, there’s something I have to get off my chest… something quite irritating… a local photographer friend requested me on Facebook… I’ve never met this lady before, so what’s the first thing you do when someone friend requests you? You check them out, see who they are, look at their page… figure out why they want you as there friend… I quickly realized it was a fellow photographer… probably wanting to keep tabs on her competition… fine, no big deal… so after a month of her never saying anything to me, I discovered that not only has she been keeping tabs on me, she stole my song from my website! I know, it’s not my song per say… but come on, you just don’t do that… especially with someone who lives in the same city as you! I was so aggravated because that song is very personal to me, and I prided myself in finding a song that’s not blasting on the radio 24/7… but also fits my website, my images…fits me perfectly, as it’s one of Dave’s and my songs… I was so irked last night, I had to comment on it on FB… well, guess who had something to say about that… she left me three comments…then immediately deleted them…probably after realizing her guilty conscience just gave her away… this is what she said, at least from what I remember since she deleted them:

1) “it’s happened to me three times, join the club. I just keep switching.”

2) “oh my god, I went on your website for the first time and we have the same song! I got mine from a wedding I shot this weekend, I swear I didn’t take the song from you! I promise!”

3) “I promise it wasn’t me! We’ve only been friends on here for like 5 minutes!”

Funny, I never once mentioned her name. She completely threw herself under the bus by replying back to my post… then trying to cover it up by lying, and saying we’ve only been friends for 5 minutes… then deleting the messages when she realized it… when in fact, she’s friend requested twice… and actually was a fan of my company page… so I call BS, on her line that she’s never been on my website… when she’s the one who came and friend requested me on facebook, and not once has she ever said anything to introduce herself… nor has she ever sent me a message… but being a fan of my FB company page, I think she’s been on my website at least once…

On top of it all, I had a nice surprise waiting in my email this morning & this afternoon. I received a hate email from “anonymous”… hmm, strangely only 10 minutes after the above person commented on FB… strange coincidence? No…just shamefully stupid and immature! At least you could have waited a few days to write the hate email so it’s not so obvious. I thought I’d share the comical email that you’d think a 10 year old wrote… but nope! A grown woman wrote this… so much for professionalism and maturity…

(hm...who needs to check their spelling? I believe it's "Friend" not "freind" =) and if you're going to write a fictitious number, it's only 7 digits not 8...just fyi =)

To the person who wrote those emails…sorry to disappoint you, but I have a bit more strength and dignity than to crumble under a hate email written by a person with the mentality of a 10 year old… so next time you want to steal someone’s creativity… at least do it with someone who doesn’t live in the same city as you… and make sure you don’t “Friend” that person either… and by the way, it’s not just pictures I’ve taken but relationships I’ve built with my clients…and I’m quite confident that I’ve never left a client unhappy with their pictures… if they were unhappy, I doubt that making a friend write a mean anonymous letter to the photographer is going to get them anywhere…And PS… I’m actually quite flattered that you have all the time in the world to stop by my website and write those emails… it actually helps my site out with all the clicks and attention you’re giving me…so thank you for the backward compliment you sent my way =)

Sorry folks! I had to get that off my chest! I am now moving forward and will not look back at people who lack maturity and professionalism. Between my teaching, running my photography business, and planning a wedding… I simply do not have the time for it. So “Anonymous”, please just stay in your photography world…and I’ll stay in mine…thank you…

So now that all the animosity is out… let’s try to find the peace and calm again… I found some images of our favorite yoga instructor, Colleen, that I’ve never published… let’s find the zen in our lives and move on and away from this mess shall we? Thanks for reading! Enjoy!


Maria Confer said...

I'm speechless from that persons immaturity and anger. What a mean spirited small minded person.

Obviously she feels threatened by your magnificence.

Gorgeous photos of Colleen, she truly is so beautiful and graceful.

Matt and Talley Mac said...

SO RETARDED! I can't believe someone would drop to such childish behavior...I'm sorry for the frustration.

And as for colleen, OUCH comes to mind!!! E gads she is bend-able!!!! Yowsa!!

So what ARE your holiday specials?? I'd love you to take some pics of me and the hub! :)

Sarah :) said...

Oh my word!! Anonymous people are cowards! I love your work and I'm so proud of all that you've accomplished in these past few months :)

jamilah said...

thank you so much ladies! i feel so blessed to be surrounded by such great people and with such love and positivity =) yes maria, threatened is the right word...and i agree sarah, they are cowards! and talley, i'll be posting up my holiday packages tomorrow =) xoxo!!