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Jon & Suzie's 40th Anniversary!

a few weeks ago i got to shoot the 40th wedding anniversary of Jon & Suzie! via by surprise! melissa and her husband, John, asked me to capture this surprise celebration that they threw for his parents... it was a wonderful surprise and a fun celebration with friends and family! here are previews from the evening...enjoy!!

here are the celebrants walking in!

a toast to their 40 years sweet!

melissa (green dress) with her mom and family...beautiful ladies!

the happy couple...

melissa's brother in law, jason...melissa & her husband john...

and the fam!


Maria Confer said...

So much joy and love when surrounded by family and friends!

You did an amazing job, Jamilah. I love the family photos at the end as well as the candid shots.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jamilah for capturing the genuine surprise and happiness of my in-laws! We were able to give them the wedding reception they never had! They enjoyed with night from beginning to end and we are so excited that you were able show that in your pictures!
Thank you,

jamilah said...

thanks maria! always enjoy your kind words =)
melissa, i'm so happy that i was able to capture a special night for Jon&Suzie! you guys did an amazing job on the surprise! what a lovely evening...can't wait for you to see the rest =) check your email to see the online gallery! yay! see you in school!