Jazyln: 1 year portrait session

on this gorgeous day off...i spent it at my doctor's...then laying in bed...nursing whatever illness i have...lucky for me, my husband to be brought home some yummy soup from panera during his lunch break...isn't he wonderful?? so this blog won't be lengthy in words...which works out because this young lady doesn't need much of an introduction...i'll let her darling images speak for themselves...here are jazlyn's previews...enjoy =)

i had the most fun shooting jazlyn...can't wait til next time =)


Maria Confer said...

Wow!! How do you do it Jamilah? These are so totally amazing. These photos show Jazlyn's gorgeous personality. And those pics of her in the white dress make me misty eyed.

Kara Whipple said...

Jamilah, thank you sooo much for posting these. I don't get to see my niece Jazlyn very much as I live in GA. These pictures are beautiful and make me miss her even more. :-) Great Job!