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happy monday!'s never really a happy monday, is it? it's a rude awakening from a blissful weekend... savoring those last few moments of sunday... then the alarm goes off...and here it is! Monday! baaahhhh!

just wanted to give you something to smile about on our Monday's a teaser picture from my shoot yesterday...jazlyn!! the friendliest, most adorable 1 year old little lady...enjoy =)


Anonymous said...

Heather & Juan have such a beautiful & happy lil girl!

Maria Confer said...

This totally brightens my Monday evening! My goodness is she adorable and you took such a gorgeous photo of her. I can't wait to see the rest.

jamilah said...

thank you! i loved this session!! the best part was after the photo shoot when i could finally put my camera down and pick her up!! =)