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back from michigan!

sorry i've been absent, friends...i've been on vacation!...dave and i decided to break our new car in and take a road trip up to michigan!...before leaving i had this romantic notion that i would write my farewell blog...with photos of packing and such...but, it didn't happen =( last minute packing and a long list of to dos...didn't allow for romantic farewell...but instead, a sweet welcome back!

about 1,300 miles there and back = last road trip to michigan =) luckily it was a pleasant ride... and with dave's sweetness, i got to enjoy mostly being a passenger instead of the total driving contribution was about 4 hours out of 21 each way...and yes, we drove through nonstop!! and no, i wish not to do it again... it's toooo long for who enjoys sleeping in a bed, does not enjoy trying to sleep in a moving vehicle...

anywho, i have many pictures to share...but for the moment, since we did just arrive yesterday, here a few pictures from the drive up to michigan...enjoy!!


road trip 1

road trip 1

road trip 1


Maria Confer said...

Oh, how I've missed you!! It felt like you were gone forever!

Such gorgeous pictures!! I love the pics of the pond and little house and how you can tell it was taken while you were driving!!

The first shot is so very cool and I love the industrial looking overpass!!

P.S. Your new header looks amazing!!

jamilah said...

awww! i missed you too maria!! and thank you, i do like the industrial look with the last two pics...very detroit...and dave warned me that we weren't stopping for pictures so we could make the drive in the least amount of time =)